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How to keep dental crowns clean

Here we have some points to keep your dental crowns clean:

1.      Take a step to avoid mix or grinding your teeth

2.      Avoid eating or chewing hard foods like ice that can breaks your porcelain crown.

3.      Use interdental cleaners.

4.      Maintain a good oral hygiene in such way that that keeps our teeth strong and healthy as we need to brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and consulting your dentist twice a year.

God gifted us a beautiful smile, we are forgetting how to smile this is because of dental problems and there issues. We have to take major action to get rid of it.

How to keep dental implants clean

Here we have some points to keep your implants clean:

 Implants are right for you were missing teeth.

  1. If your gums around the implant feel or bleed tender.

  2. Do. Clean the implants and the gum tissues and do consult the dentist regularly

  3. Remember to care for all of your other gums and teeth.

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